1.7 is coming
Monday, 15 February 2010 13:06
New release is coming out soon. In the newest release:

  • New settings
  • remebering network interfaces
  • fix for crash when network interface is not present

Stay tuned.
Win 7 compatible!
Thursday, 12 November 2009 12:47
Changes in 1.6.3:

  • fixed bug with date start equal to birth of JC
  • added option to start at windows start (thanks to Gabi Shaar)
  • fixed memory leak that caused FM to crash after a while
  • fixed download arrow not showing on some systems
  • improved performance a bit
  • fixed simple icon feature
  • fixed FM not showing sometimes on icon click
  • changed about dialog a bit
  • no info if there is no new version available

Have fun.
New site
Friday, 23 October 2009 11:01
Since I'm sick and at home I figured I'd look into FM. I've recieved many emails on FM crashing and misbehaving. So I've dropped the 2.0 for now and focused on making FM 1.* stable so that everybody can wait for 2.0 without pulling their hair out.

Changes in 1.6:

  • bugfix - settings not saved
  • bugfix - crash when hidden FM and closed
  • bugfix - update showing misleading information
  • bugfix - crash in about dialog when browser is incorrectly configured
  • bugfix - can't close FM after using totals log
  • new - double click the graph to open totals log
  • new - exclude hours in totals log
  • new - show/hide exclusion in totals log

Go ahead and download it while it's hot! Please let me know right away if something is crashing/not working.
UserVoice forumboard
Friday, 9 January 2009 14:16
Hi everybody,

sorry to keep you waiting for the FM 2.0 but I had (and got) lots of things to do... including my second child being born (boy) and my wife's mom death... besides that I was really into releasing Proto 0.6.8 and doing all other things... anyway I'm now slowly going back to FreeMeter 2.0 :) As you can see I had to move FM site to miechu.pl since assembla.com moved to paid service... So I've moved everything including comments :)

Also I've created a a UserVoice.com forumboard to get the info about what features you want - go here and share your ideas with me :)