Proto is a next generation file manager. Really fast with a load of interesting features. Features new slick searchable interface. Written in C# & .NET 3.5. Will be ported to linux and os x after 1.0 release. Designed & written by Mieszko Lassota.

It's a beta version but already it can be compared to other file managers. If you are a programmer or a computer geek - you'll love it!

How does it work

Just start typing and Proto will try to find similar objects based on their name. The main idea is to have a file manager fast & mouse independent (some mouse support exists and in future it will be extended) based on shortcuts, something like Emacs/Vim - it's hard if you don't know the shortcuts, but if you'll manage to learn them you'll have a very powerful and fast tool. There has already been started work to introduce a new menu interface that will help those who don't want to learn shortcuts and for those that want - it will help memorize them.

Proto is priceless (for any use)