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Changelog — 71.4%

[...] missing options in settings files new Proto: animation when opening/closing prompts new Proto: new themes - 'Console' and 'DoYourThing' new Proto: shift+end/home will select items new Search: uses coloring from FileManager, toggle coloring with ctrl+i change Help: looks a bit better change Proto: disabled ctrl+F10 to load next theme and ctrl+F11 to reload theme fix FileManager: 'going up' (ctrl+backspace) to drives list wasn't highlighting last visited drive fix FileManager: bug when moving/copying was queued (copied to wrong directory) fix FileManager: copying [...]

Main Page — 14.3%

[...] Proto? Requirements Features Basic shortcuts Basic tutorial Example scenarios Go to 'hosts' file Themes Plugins File Managment Ask Ling Calculator [...]

BasicShortcuts — 14.3%

[...] 9) ctrl+(0-9) Load next theme ctrl+F10 Reload active theme ctrl+F11 this is handy when creating themes Center main window to main monitor ctrl+F2 [...]

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