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Before you start

Proto is different than any other file manager. Don't try to find similarities to Windows Explorer or Norton/Total Commander. Some things may seem odd but if you'll get to know Proto they will seem natural.

Tutorial pt.1 (getting familiar)

  1. Open Proto.exe
  2. Move around using keyboard arrows
  3. Go into c: drive (highlight c: and press Enter)
  4. Type in 'pfil' (while typing you'll notice that Proto will filter current directory based on what you've typed in)
  5. Press ctrl+Backspace (this will remove the whole filter)
  6. Press ctrl+Backspace again (this will 'go up' in directory structure)
  7. Press Escape (this will hide Proto window)
  8. Press alt+` (this will bring Proto back; this shortcut can be changed in Proto.xml)
  9. Notice that Proto will hides when it loses focus (this can be changed via context menu in tray icon)

Tutorial pt.2 (tabs tabs tabs)

  1. Press ctrl+T (this will open new tab)
  2. Press ctrl+W (this will close current tab)
  3. Open new tab
  4. Go to 'Program Files' directory (notice that the name of current directory is displayed in tab name)
  5. Press ctrl+alt+Left Arrow (this will move the tab to left)

Tutorial pt.3 (Copy)

  1. Press alt+1 (this will launch 'Links' or favourites if you like)
  2. Select 'Desktop' and press Enter
  3. Press ctrl+N and provide new directory name eg. 'ProtoTest' and press Enter
  4. Select some file and press ctrl+C
  5. Go into 'ProtoTest' directory
  6. Press ctrl+V (to copy the previously selected file to current directory)

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