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Frequently asked questions

Q:Is Proto absolutely free?
A:Yup. But you can donate if you really like to via PayPal on Proto website.
Q:Will you add The Two Panes like Total Commander?
A:NO! THERE WILL BE NO !@#$%& TWO PANES IN PROTO, GOT IT? Norton Commander was released like 17 years ago? Seventeen years and all we have is two panes... niiiiiiiiiiiiiice... and yes I know Tufte says about information in parallel (this doesn't apply here).
Q:Proto is always visible - how can I hide it?
A:Press left alt+` to toggle visibility (` is for the key that is on the left side of the 1), seriously - watch the screencasts/read the tutorial/basic keyboard.
Q:How to close a tab?
A:ctrl+W (RTFM/WTFS)
Q:Proto is trying to access the Internet - why?
A:This is for auto-update, nothing is being sent from your computer (except bug report - but you do that by clicking the 'send report' button).
Q:Will there be a folders tree view?
A:Nope - use Explorer if you like to - alt+enter from Proto
Q:Will there be a mouse support? I don't like my keyboard anymore...
A:Nope, nothing more than now... If you don't like typing then stop using Proto, use Explorer or Total Commander or other click-click software instead. Proto is designed for power users, so it can be fast, efficient and help you do the job - quit staring at those shiny icons (which are really nice btw).
Q:Why didn't you add files and folders icons?
A:It's waaaaaaaay too slow to get them from the system, and since Proto MUST be fast, so I just gave up on that idea. Besides icons only complicate things when it comes to file management.
Q:Why do you want to kick Total Commander's ass?
A:It's not that I've got something against TC or those guys who developed it - if you are happy with it that's ok with me - I'm not here to change your life. If you are not satisfied with the idea that is behind all Norton Commander clones (like I am not), then give Proto a try - it's definitely a new look on how you can take advantage over your files ;)
Q:What does 'Proto' mean?
A: What is Proto?
Q:Will feature XXX be implemented?
A:Yes. NO!!!! I don't know... maybe... send me an email and we can talk about it.

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