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List of Proto features

  • free for any use
  • fast file managment
  • plugin architecture
  • application launcher
  • tabs
  • session protection
  • favourites
  • instant calculator
  • update checker
  • multiple skins
  • crash report
  • portable
  • file selection via regex
  • search via wildcards, regex, mp3 tags, in files, regex in files
  • 'open here command' feature
  • instant copy file content to clipboard
  • image format onversion
  • intelligent 'copy of'
  • lazy plugin loading
  • pasting clipboard images as files
  • multiple file renaming (including regex and groups for multiple rules)
  • disk space chart utility
  • calendar plugin
  • network info plugin
  • junction point (symbolic links) creation
  • simple process manager
  • sound notification on job completion/error
  • image browser
  • compression/decompression support via 7zip
  • coloring files via extension
  • auto settings reload
  • selecting files from clipboard
  • going to path from clipboard

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