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newFileManager: checking file/folder size is now faster
newFileManager: faster drives refresh
newFileManager: long path is being truncated
newFileManager: performance improvement in opening (going into) directories
newFileManager: Proto remebers shortcut used in it's context menu (ctrl+,) eg: if you typed in 'w' and selected 'Play in Winamp' - next time on pressing 'w' 'Play in Winamp' will be highlighted
newFileManager: sorting on date/size will not hang Proto
newFileManager: when renaming you'll be immiedietly informed if you used incorrect chars or if another file/folder with that name already exists
newProto: performance improvement in drawing the main window
newProto: session will be saved every 5 seconds
newSearch: info on how long did the search took
newSearch: serious speed improvement
changeFileManager: manual queue managment has been turned off (for now)
changeProto: speeded up drawing
fixFileManager: crash on change sorting
fixFileManager: creating link to directory (ctrl+shift+L)
fixFileManager: duplicating tab wasn't duplicating selected items or highlighted item
fixFileManager: fixed ordering files in 'play in Winamp' via ctrl+,
fixFileManager: progress bar when checking the file size
fixFileManager: Proto text editor 'tab bug'
fixProto: 2 new types of visualizing jobs progress (change in Proto.xml, layout to "standardv2" or "standardv3")
fixSearch: first element didn't have path shown in top right corner


newDiskChart: delete nodes via: delete (recycle bin), shift+delete (normal delete), alt+delete (secure delete)
newDiskChart: F5 to refresh
newFileManager: check for correct size after copying
newFileManager: error sound if something wasn't copied in 100%
newFileManager: instant search (ctrl+F) in text file editor (press F3 for next, shift+F3 for prev)
newProto: drawing main window should use less CPU
newProto: filtering now ignores diacritics - you can write 'u' and 'ü' will match
newProto: option to turn off animations in Proto.xml
newProto: selection of theme via ctrl+F10 will be saved to config file
newProto: subtle hint in background of prompts
newSearch: tag search
fixDiskChart: better arrangement of "others"
fixDiskChart: some items were not sorted
fixFileManager: border in text file editor
fixFileManager: copying empty files
fixFileManager: dir count in info after copying
fixFileManager: sorting prompt fixed
fixImageBrowser: pressing l-mouse button was moving the image
fixLinks: add link from FileManager wasn't taking link name
fixSearch: crash in engine search selection
fixSearch: when "going to" (shift+enter) file the file wasn't highlighted until you pressed backspace
fixSearch: wrong search engine was selected sometimes


newFileManager: calculating ETA while copying
newFileManager: compressing, extracting, copying, moving, deleting will show how long did it take
newFileManager: copying speed is shown after copying is done
newFileManager: in compression prompt press ctrl+d to set current format as default
newFileManager: included file coloring thanks to Ernest Skrzypczyk
newFileManager: when compressing (alt+e) press up/down arrow to change compression format
newLauncher: option to disable the global key for Launcher (alt+space)
newLauncher: slower but more precise rebuilding
newProto: Proto will complete missing options in settings files
newProto: animation when opening/closing prompts
newProto: new themes - 'Console' and 'DoYourThing'
newProto: shift+end/home will select items
newSearch: uses coloring from FileManager, toggle coloring with ctrl+i
changeHelp: looks a bit better
changeProto: disabled ctrl+F10 to load next theme and ctrl+F11 to reload theme
fixFileManager: 'going up' (ctrl+backspace) to drives list wasn't highlighting last visited drive
fixFileManager: bug when moving/copying was queued (copied to wrong directory)
fixFileManager: copying progress
fixFileManager: crash when opening a folder in a new tab (shitft+enter) with nothing highlighted
fixFileManager: drives list not refreshing bug
fixFileManager: file editor was not editing large files
fixFileManager: fix 'play in foobar2000' in Proto context menu (ctrl+,)
fixFileManager: regex rename
fixFileManager: regex renaming fixed
fixFileManager: session remembers if coloring (ctrl+i) was turned on
fixFileManager: you can now extract archives with passwords
fixHelp: will show ALL available shortcuts
fixImageBrowser: crash when using scroll to zoom
fixLauncher: faster rebuilding of index
fixProto: fixes in job management
fixProto: fixes in themes

ver. 0.6.9 RC1

newDiskChart: in 'other' the files weren't sorted by size
newFileManager: Proto context menu remembers shortcuts like Launcher
newFileManager: added sorting by Last Access Time
newFileManager: after compressing Proto will show the size of the created archive
newFileManager: alt+v - copy without size check or validation
newFileManager: changed the message when deleting based on deleting type
newFileManager: changing sorting (ctrl+s) is done by a prompt - this way is faster for selecting desired sorting type
newFileManager: eager selection/highlighting when copying
newFileManager: executing programs/files will not hang the Proto
newFileManager: increased speed of opening new tab and less resources are used to get drives list
newFileManager: info about supported compression types when compressing
newFileManager: press ctrl+, for Proto context menu (simple for now)
newFileManager: secure delete renames the files and dirs so that the name won't be reconstructible
newFileManager: when deleting "securley", if the iterations will overwrite files at least once (even if the setting in .xml is set to 0)
newFileManager: you can convert/load to clipboard/preview photoshop files (.psd)
newImageBrowser: double click for 100% zoom
newImageBrowser: now uses sexy sorting
newImageBrowser: press 'w' to set current image as wallpaper
newImageBrowser: press r to rotate clockwise and shift + r to rotate counterclockwise
newImageBrowser: zoom in and out using mouse wheel or arrows up/down
newLauncher: added comments to settings in 'AppLauncher.xml'
newLauncher: added explorer context menu for shortcuts (ctrl+. over a shortcut)
newLauncher: press alt+space to open Launcher even if Proto is hidden
newLauncher: press delete in 'open with' list to remove app to file association
newLauncher: pressing ctrl+space will show you the link location
newLauncher: running apps will not hang Proto anymore
newLauncher: will show list of selected apps (based on settings in: AppLauncher.xml)
newLinks: added explorer context menu for shortcuts (ctrl+. over a shortcut)
newProto: Proto handles transparency/opacity - set it in your Proto.xml
newProto: Proto will check for change in settings every 5 seconds and will save them if needed
newProto: Proto will now create settings files if they are missing or corrupted (check out new settings in Proto.xml)
newProto: ctrl+F10 to load next theme
newProto: ctrl+F11 to reload theme
newProto: ctrl+F12 for ProtoLog
newProto: every list in Proto now supports numeric (sexy) sorting - that means that files will be in the most intuitive order (eg. file 1, file 2, file 10, file 20; the old way: file 1, file 10, file 2, file 20)
newProto: faster startup
newProto: help - based on what you are doing Proto will show you some hints
newProto: new crash dialog - more reliable and better looking
newProto: new theme 'Mud'
newProto: only one instance allowed - launching another will bring up the running one
newProto: pressing esc will hide Proto if no dialog is open (eg. rename dialog)
newProto: proxy now supports PAC (Proxy Auto-Configuration), set it up in Proto.xml
newProto: support for queuing operations (currently supported only in FileManager) - enable/disable by pressing ctrl+q
newProto: supports themes from .xml files - check Themes folder for examples
newProto: text editor (ctrl+H) is now based on Scintilla (via ScintillaNET)
newProto: when 'hide on focus lost' is disabled (via r-click on the tray icon) when Proto loses focus it will be a bit transparent
newProto: you can now manually kill the job that checks for new version (ctrl+end)
newProto: you can now open messsage log with ctrl+F12 (this is not saved between sessions)
newRegexRename: \r will be substituted with random number, \R with a random string
newRegexRename: summary includes overall count
changeCalculator: applied changes made by google
changeFileManager: changed the look of symbolic link creation dialog to be less confusing
changeFileManager: deleting symbolic links will delete only the link (without contents)
changeFileManager: extracting won't show name of the extracting file in lower right info pane
changeFileManager: the '\' key will NOT be used to go up one dir from now on
changeFileManger: toggling the file coloring (ctrl+i) is now global for all FileManager tabs
changeImageBrowser: status recreated
changeLauncher: searching desktop for links is not recursive - this makes rebuilding index much faster
changeNetworkMastah: name of the network card is truncated to 30 characters
changeProto: removed Legacy theme since it sucked a bit
fixCalculator: functions were messing up the correct result
fixCalculator: removed some crap when asking Google
fixCalculator: some culture related fixes, the decimal point can be overridden in Calculator.xml
fixCalculator: thousand separator wasn't removed when copying result (ctrl+c)
fixCalculator: when element in history was highlighted pressing enter would somethimes bring back the equasion incorrectly
fixFileManager: Proto was holding a removable drive even though it shouldn't
fixFileManager: converting was stopping name change
fixFileManager: couldn't move the file without pressing ctrl/shift button (via mouse)
fixFileManager: crash when unmounting network drives
fixFileManager: deleting was incorrectly displaying information about skipped files
fixFileManager: fix progress bar while deleting
fixFileManager: improved deleting logic
fixFileManager: in image browser Proto will skip images that can't be opened
fixFileManager: secure delete wasn't recursive
fixFileManager: shortcuts not working when in regex filtering mode
fixFileManger: improved copying speed
fixFileManger: massive creation of files was not letting go of the file handle
fixFileManger: proto was not deleting read-only files
fixImageBrowser: sometimes stopped on corrupted images
fixLauncher: fixed linking of apps to extension ('open with' feature - press ctrl+L in Launcher after pressing tab key in FileManager)
fixProto: fixed proxy releated features
fixProto: fixed some memory leaks
fixProto: in some prompts you couldn't type in some chars
fixProto: mouse clicks are handled only when you didn't move the window
fixProto: optimized drawing (less cpu usage)
fixProto: sometimes the list was showing that there is more elements when there weren't any
fixProto: stability issues
fixProto: text editor (ctrl+H) fixed again
fixProto: the proxy setting wasn't loaded because of the misspelled word

ver. 0.6.8

newAskLing: querying results is now faster
newAskLing: removed some crap from the results
newAskLing: uses now Proto proxy setting
newAskLing: you can browse through search results and copy them via ctrl+c
newCalculator: big number will have thousands separator
newCalculator: now asking Google is faster
newCalculator: skips text that it doesn't recognize, so we can type in: (3h * 4 euro) + (4 days * 30 euro) = 132
newDiskChart: disk chart is now created as a job - it is shown at bottom and when Proto is not visible and job has finished there will be sound notification
newDiskChart: you can now go into "other files"
newFileManager: 'file:///' is now supported
newFileManager: after deleting you'll have a message with how much free space is left
newFileManager: alt+delete will 'securely' delete - Proto will overwrite files x times before deleting it (this is configurable via FileManager.xml)
newFileManager: files now can be colored via a filetype (see FileManager.xml)
newFileManager: selecting files from clipboard (ctrl+o) gives the number of selected files
newFileManager: shift+a deselects everything
newFileManager: when copying you'll have a message how much space you'll have left when copying will be completed
newFileManager: when deleting selected element will be deselected
newFileManager: when renaming a file the cursor will be moved just before extension
newFileManager: when viewing drives they will be refreshed every 0,5 second
newFileManager: when viewing image file you can copy it's path/name/etc. via standard shortcuts (ctrl+c, ctrl+shift+c, etc.)
newFileManager: when you extract and specify name Proto will make sure there is no nonsense like extracting '' in 'c:\test' to folder 'file' resulting in c:\test\file\file\someFiles.*
newFileManager: when you're in empty folder calling explorer context menu will get you the menu for that folder
newFileManager: while going into path (ctrl+p) when the path doesn't exits Proto will go as far as it can
newFileManager: you can create massively folders and files based on clipboard text (alt+n for folders and ctrl+alt+n for files)
newFileManager: you can now create Junction Points (or symbolic links) by pressing shift+L
newFileManager: you can now move the directory 'out' (level up) even if it has the same name eg.from c:\test\test to c:\, the result will be that files/dirs in c:\test\test will be in c:\test
newProcessManager: simple process manager, kill a process with delete key
newProto: changing modules settings at runtime will cause settings to be reloaded (without restart)
newProto: home/end keys will move you to first/last element respectively
newProto: new update manager
newProto: proxy now supports user/password options
newProto: underlying work for plugins is almost done
newProto: using '/' as path separator is now supported
newProto: using mouse related functionality now appears smoother
newProto: when the same message appears as previous one - the info message will flash
newProto: when you type in the exact name Proto will select that element
newProto: you can now turn off ClearType - go into proto.xml, section under "render"
newSearch: now you can switch modes in file search using arrows
changeFileManager: copying is now faster (switched to system copying)
changeFileManager: it it now possible to open command prompt from disk list
changeFileManager: regex filter is now case insensitive
changeFileManager: the '\' key will be used to go up one dir from now on
changeProto: brought old foreground color to prompts
fixAskLing: error message wasn't displayed
fixFileManager: calling explorer context menu is now much faster
fixFileManager: changing files letter case was failing
fixFileManager: couldn't change case of a dir name when renaming
fixFileManager: couldn't rename when folder was opened in another tab - that tab will be closed now
fixFileManager: crash when creating dir/file without right permissions
fixFileManager: deleting folder that was opened in other forms caused incorrect tab to be highlighted
fixFileManager: error message when tab started an operation and then was closed
fixFileManager: faster opening folders from links and duplication of tab in FileManager (ctrl+shift+t)
fixFileManager: info about conversion wasn't displayed
fixFileManager: mini editor was crashing sometimes
fixFileManager: when folder contained a read only file it wasn't deleted
fixFileManager: when new element is added to folder the highlighted element will stay highlighted
fixFileManager: while viewing images with file viewer it was possible to go past the last file
fixProto: after dragging a file out from Proto and then using mouse wheel was cycling tabs instead of files
fixProto: clipboard editor (ctrl+F1) was not pasting (ctrl+V)
fixProto: sometimes Proto had issues with gaining focus at start and flickered
fixProto: stability has been increased
fixProto: tab prompt wasn't cleared sometimes
fixSearch: was showing wrong path when highlighting a file

ver. 0.6.5

newAskLing: type in word that you want to translate (english - polish or polish - english) and press enter
newFileManager: ctrl+o will select files/folders from clipboard (eg. ctrl+shift+c files in one folder, go to other and press ctrl+o)
newFileManager: left clicking anywhere will toggle selection on selected file
newFileManager: mini editor now supports previewing files (png/jpg/bmp/gif/ico/tif/wmf)
newFileManager: renaming extension of an image file will convert it (supported conversions: png/jpg/bmp/gif/ico/tif/wmf)
newFileManager: selecting files from clipboard supports now full paths (not only names)
newFileManager: supports mouse wheel (moving up/down) and mouse wheel while shift pressed (moving and toggling selection)
newFileManager: while viewing image in mini editor you can delete current image by pressing delete (to recycle bin) or 'forever' (shift+delete)
newFileManager: while viewing image in mini editor you can go to next/previous image by pressing left/right arrow
newProto: right click + mouse wheel will move through tabs (like in opera)
changeProto: list control will select next item in a flow order instead of column mode (old behaviour)
changeFileManager: when applying changes (enter) to folder properties (ctrl+alt+space) the changes will be applied to folder and content to apply changes only to folder press ctrl+enter
fixLauncher: fixed passing folder paths as arguments
fixLinks: changes in links module were not saved
fixProto: crash when session.xml was missing
fixProto: sometimes the list control was showing arrows although the list was empty
fixRegexRename: changes in regex renamer wasn't saved
fixSearch: using '+' in search failed
fixSearch: using esc didn't stop the search

ver. 0.6.4

newFileManager: when going 'up' to the root the last visited drive will be highlighted
newRegexRename: better support in 'replace' for \u (UPPER) \l (lower) \t (Title Case)
newCalendar: pressing ctrl+c will add the date to clipboard, using ; as a separator
newCalendar: pressing ctrl+c will copy the date to clipboard
newFileManager: deleting read-only file will succeed (without prompt)
newFileManager: handling the 'FileGroupDescriptor' structure in clipboard - this enables to click 'Copy' in Outlook, and paste (ctrl+v) it in Proto
newFileManager: press ctrl+s to cycle through sorting modes; available modes: FileName, Extension, Modification Date, Creation Date and Size
newFileManager: toggle sorting order by pressing ctrl+shift+s
newFileManager: Proto can handle now paths with quotes
newFileManager: Proto will close all tabs that may contain a directory to be deleted or drive to be removed
newFileManager: when image is selected (png/jpg/bmp/gif/ico/tif), ctrl+space will give also the dimensions of the image
newFileManager: you can now copy image file content to clipboard (ctrl+alt+c)
newMiniEditor: ctrl+a selects all text
newProto: in Proto.xml under the node "shortcuts" you can change the toggle visibility shortcut
newProto: you can view clipboard at any time by pressing ctrl+F1 (exit by pressing esc)
newProto: you can reload clipboard text by pressing ctrl+l
newProto: you can save changed text in clipboard view by pressing ctrl+s
changeFileManager: copying file content is now as a job (so you can now kill it - ctrl+end)
changeFileManager: deselects files before decompression (not after)
fixSearch: couldn't use RegexRename from search
fixRegexRename: crash when using token number eg. \d{3}
fixRegexRename: when moving regex up/down (alt+up or alt+down) regex could be moved out of sight
fixLauncher: settings were not saved after rename
fixLauncher: settings were not saved after deletion
fixDiskChart: crash when running on empty folder
fixFileManager: after extraction name wasn't displayed
fixFileManager: copying file content (ctrl+alt+c) didn't work
fixFileManager: killing an extraction/compression did not end the 7z process
fixFileManager: shift+enter didn't work properly
fixLauncher: 'viewers' were saved as 'editors' resulting in loss of those settings
fixLauncher: filter applied after rebuild
fixLauncher: settings weren't saved when link was deleted
fixLinks: links to default folders were displayed incorrectly
fixProto: closing tab would focus the tab on the left instead of the one on the right
fixProto: crash when closing Proto with active jobs
fixProto: main window was not hiding after first shortcut keypress

ver. 0.6.3

newProto: most settings are saved eager - so that Proto exits faster and you can change most of the settings on runtime (only Proto.xml will reload automatically - auto reloading of rest of the settings will be available in future)
newFileManager: alt+l will create a .lnk file, put it to your links directory (specified in AppLauncher.xml, if not specified Start Menu dir is taken by default)
newLauncher: app launcher will also parse your specified location (from AppLauncher.xml) when rebuilding
newFileManager: support for compression with alt+e - compression type will vary on the given extension (you can change it in FileManager.xml)
newFileManager: support for multiple files extraction - Proto will propose a folder name where to extract - if you want every file to appropriate folder then proceed with "*" (this option is available when extracting multiple files), if you want them to extract to current directory - clear prompt
newFileManager: pressing tab will open launcher to perform action similar to 'Open with...', also if you have editor defined this will be highlighted depending on file extension
newProto: applied hack to minimize mem usage
changeLauncher: in configuration the node 'editors' was changed to 'viewers', and in subnodes 'type', attribute 'editor' was changed to 'viewer' (change those accordingly)
changeLinks: invalid links will not be marked with ~ before name (faster links loading)
changeLinks: links settings file format changed (please delete the settings file)
fixFileManager: crash when exiting the modify properties prompt
fixFileManager: crash when saving session and nothing was highlighted
fixLauncher: could not remove link, when the file didn't exist

ver. 0.6.2

newProto: control brightness with: alt+PageUp/PageDown
newProto: control volume with: ctrl+PageUp/PageDown
fixLauncher: Proto would drop some links when they weren't in menu start/desktop/etc.
fixLauncher: when link doesn't exist Proto will not try to run it
fixFileManager: crash when operation finished and we changed dir
fixFileManager: fixed message when items were skipped during deletion

ver. 0.6.1

newFileManager: 'deleting' (delete key or shift+delete) a cd drive or usb drive will eject it (wow, like osx!)
newFileManager: drives information was retrieved only on demand - now it will refresh everytime a new tab is created
newFileManager: explorer ctrl+c is handled - ctrl+c from explorer - you can then normally move/copy it to actual folder using normal Proto shortcuts
newFileManager: in advanced regex - it is now possible to load only one regex from group
newFileManager: selected files are now saved in session
newFileManager: when you have a image in clipboard copying it to currnet folder (ctrl+v) will create an image file
newLinks: added Proto app dir as one of the default links
newProto: ctrl+0-9 focuses tab, eg: ctrl+1 - first, ctrl+2 - second etc.
newProto: jobs/threads are displayed in the bottom left corner, you can kill first from left by pressing: ctrl+end
newProto: when Proto finished a job and main window is hidden it will notify of completed job with a sound
newProto: when Proto looses focus it will hide
changeFileManager: changed shortcut for searching in files from: ctrl+alt+f, to: alt+f
changeFileManager: changed shortcut for selecting files/folders from: ctrl+alt+a, to: alt+a
changeFileManager: file operations are now tab-independent, so can close tabs and the operations will still go on
changeFileManager: in advanced regex - the change is applied to file name only (without extension) - this is default, toggle this setting with ctrl+e
changeLauncher: links rebuild was a bit improved
changeProto: when moving through list up/down will move selection only in column
changeSearch: Proto will now search exactly what you are looking for - eg. when looking for 'foo' file named 'foobar' will not be added to search results.
fixFileManager: folder dropping wasn't working
fixFileManager: moving sometimes would cause problems and freeze
fixFileManager: selecting file/folders would sometimes select folders first instead of files
fixSearch: Proto would not search recursively when searching for text in files
fixSearch: clearing the filter was working bizzar
fixSearch: crash when nothing was selected
fixSearch: search speed was improved

ver. 0.6

newDiskChart: ctrl+g in FileManager and Proto will create a chart with occupied space in current folder; go into -> enter, go back -> backspace
newDiskChart: folders are now in bold
newFileManager: alt+c - adds path to clipboard; alt+shift+c - adds name to clipboard
newFileManager: ctrl+alt+a selects files or folders (first files then folders)
newFileManager: ctrl+alt+f will open search in files tab
newFileManager: in file info (ctrl+alt+space) press ctrl+enter when modifying folder properties and the changes will be applied to contents also
newFileManager: in file info (ctrl+alt+space) you can change file properties (space to toggle)
newFileManager: using ctrl+alt+space (more info about file/folder) you can change creation/modification/last access date - modify and press enter
newProto: F1 will now show context based shortcuts list + version number in lower right
newProto: Legacy skin - check the Proto.xml settings file
newProto: after closing DiskChart, Search, Launcher will focus previous tab
newProto: auto reload Proto settings on change or creation of the Proto.xml file
newProto: new filtering modes: matchAll (original), matchFirst, matchAny - to set in Proto.xml
newProto: new setting for proxy - enabled="true" or enabled="false"
newProto: pressing F1 will bring up the help for current feature
newSearch: all actions (almost) from FileManager are now supported in Search
changeFileManager: changed info regarding deletion (total added)
changeProto: auto-update disabled, replaced with a notification of new version
changeProto: ctrl+backspace in prompt will clear text on the left of the cursor instead of clearing it
fixProto: Search, FileManager and DiskChart - fixed loop when symbolic links were in path
fixProto: improved proto moving with mouse (faster)
fixProto: in prompt copying empty text would cause crash
fixProto: proxy setting wasn't working


newFileManager: in advanced rename - new tokens - \l and \u (for lower and upper case)
newFileManager: in advanced rename - new tokens - \d and \D (for num from 0 and from 1)
newFileManager: in advanced rename: ctrl+s - save regex to group; new prompt will ask you to choose a group name ctrl+l - load regex group, alternatively type {groupname} in regex field in regex groups: ctrl+n - create a new group alt+up/down - move regex def up/down left/right - switch from group to regex def del - delete group/regex def all regex groups are saved in FileManager config file
newFileManager: use shift+down/up/left/right to toggle select files
newProto: F1 will show the Proto version
newFileManager: ctrl+. or context menu key will show full explorer context menu
changeFileManager: in advanced rename when regex is wrong the names were not displayed


newProto: ctrl+F12 - change screen brightness
newFileManager: ctrl+shift+r - regex rename
newFileManager: drag and drop via rclick and drag (selected or highlighted elements)
newFileManager: drag and drop from explorer - default move, with ctrl - copy
fixSearch: corrupted results display


newCalculator: using proxy setting
newFileManager: Proto opens cmd with actual environment variables
newFileManager: creating link (.lnk) for highlighted element with ctrl+shift+l
newFileManager: shift+enter open selected folder in new tab
newProto: breeze skin
newProto: ctrl+alt+left/right moves tab to left/right
newProto: ctrl+shift+tab - navigate tab in reverse order
newProto: settings for Proto - Settings/Proto.xml (theme, proxy, shortcuts)
changeProto: leaving Proto main window will cause it to hide
changeProto: show/hide shortcut is now alt+`, NOT win+`
fixFileManager: cmd would not see some variables
fixFileManager: could not safely remove drive
fixFileManager: empty file creation - incorrect message
fixFileManager: open command line here - ctrl+u didn't open command line here
fixFileManager: overwriting was corrupting files when original file was larger than new one
fixFileManager: selection after created, renamed, copied now works
fixFileManager: when filtering with regex couldn't move
fixFileManager: when using ctrl+p, the command would not work
fixLauncher: main window would not hide when launched a file with argument
fixLinks: default links (Desktop, My Documents, Startup, Program Files) were not added with first use of Links
fixProto: closing incorrect tab (automatically)
fixProto: not saving session for tabs that don't support it - eg. AppLauncher, Links etc.
fixProto: not saving settings for modules that don't use it - eg. Search
fixSearch: deleting didn't work
fixSearch: improved search experience

ver. 0.5.3

newCalculator: ctrl+backspace clears equasion
newFileManager: ctrl+h opens up tiny file editor (ctrl+s to save file, esc/ctrl+q close editor without saving, ctrl+w to toggle line wraping)
newFileManager: ctrl+j opens file in default editor (configure in AppLauncher.xml - read readme.txt for further info)
newFileManager: ctrl+u (open command prompt here) will now use the latest PATH variable available
newLauncher: ctrl+backspace clears filter
newLinks: ctrl+backspace clears filter
newProto: it is now possible to move window with mouse
newProto: tray icon context menu via r-click (toggle visibility, check for new version, exit)
newSearch: deleting - delete key to delete to recycle bin, shift+delete to delete forever
newSearch: space - toggle selection, ctrl+a select all, ctrl+shift+a reselect
newSearchView: shift+esc - stop current action (stop search is still Esc)
changeFileManager: stopping current action from Esc to shift+Esc
fixCalculator: history copy was bugged
fixFileManager: crash when deleting (sometimes)
fixFileManager: having filter name = dir name and pressed '\' didn't change dir
fixFileManager: loading session and folder didn't exist
fixProto: cpu usage at 100%
fixProto: keys messed up
fixProto: update failed was logged
fixSearch: ctrl+c and ctrl+shift+c didn't work
fixSearch: ctrl+enter didn't highlight element
fixSearch: moving up/down caused some strange list behaviour

ver. 0.5

newFileManager: ctrl+e extracts archive (support via 7-zip cmd line)
newFileManager: ctrl+f opens search tab (wildcards supported)
newFileManager: ctrl+shift+a reselects last selected objects
newFileManager: ctrl+shift+f opens search tab (regex supported)
newFileManager: ctrl+shift+n create empty file
newFileManager: disk volume name renaming
newFileManager: more informative prompt on rename
newFileManager: renaming now supports case change
newFileManager: tab name is not truncated if it is the active tab
newFileManager: tab name is truncated if length is above 25 chars
newLinks: ctrl+r renames link
newLinks: files are open with working directory set to their place
newLinks: invalid links are preceded with '~' char
newLinks: links now work also for files
newProto: element name is truncated when number of visible columns is less that 2
newSearch: ctrl+c copies element path
newSearch: ctrl+enter opens containing folder int new tab and focuses found item
newSearch: ctrl+shift+c copies element name
newSearch: enter - opens dirs in new tab; executes files
newSearch: moving around shows element path info
changeFileManager: after copying file path or name the files are deselected
changeFileManager: deleting message is now more informative
changeFileManager: info message is now more informative
changeLauncher: shortcut is not remembered if is an empty string
fixFileManager: executing file is now in it's own working directory
fixFileManager: renaming info corrected
fixLauncher: passing incorrect argument when file path contained spaces
fixLauncher: passing only one argument
fixLinks: deleting a link changed focus
fixLinks: links are added in correct position (sorted)
fixProto: Proto icon will remove itself after a crash
fixProto: Proto would not close if there was a crash when saving session

ver. 0.4

newCalculator: big numbers are now presented in normal format (as in not scientific format)
newCalculator: ctrl+c/ctrl+shift+c copies highlighted history entry
newCalculator: functions - log, ln, lg, sin, cos, sqrt; constants - e, pi
newFileManager: copying element to the same dir makes a copy of a file/directory with incremented number added to name
newFileManager: ctrl+a - selects all VISIBLE elements when not all visible items are selected; if all visible items are selected then all items are deselected
newFileManager: ctrl+alt+c copies file content to clipboard
newFileManager: select files using space - all functions will work for many highlighted elements
newProto: all operations on element list are now thread safe
newProto: autoupdate
newProto: bug reporting online with tracker
newProto: ctrl+backspace in prompt clears text
newProto: ctrl+c in prompt copies the text
newProto: element list filtering via regex (in FileManager enter '?' followed by regex to filter files via regex)
newProto: focused tab is being saved in session
newZuneTheme: ProFont is loaded from directory containing Proto
newZuneTheme: when Proto has no focus the main window is transparent
newZuneTheme: when there is no ProFontWindows.ttf file in Proto directory then searches for Consolas font on the system and if there is none, Lucida Console is being used instead
changeZuneTheme: monospaced font (used by command line) changed from Consolas to ProFont
fixCalculator: bug with paranthesis
fixCalculator: history loading in reversed order
fixCalculator: incorrect drawing of history
fixFileManager: copying and moving failed when changed directory
fixFileManager: crash when folder was empty
fixFileManager: error while trying to move file to other directory on the same drive
fixFileManager: not overwriting while copying, when only one file was selected
fixFileManager: when creating a folder that existed Proto was showing directory twice
fixLauncher: links were renamed only on disk
fixLinks: links not being loaded
fixProto: deleting list element bug
fixProto: fixed drawing too much columns - so they can fit
fixProto: more elements arrow was displayed incorrectly when filter applied
fixProto: new elements were inserted to incorrect location
fixProto: on prompt ctrl+v added 'v' at the end
fixProto: prompt drawing corrected
fixZuneTheme: drawing of main border
newCalculator: % - modulo operator added

ver. 0.3.5

newCalculator: calculator session is now being saved
newCalculator: ctrl+d deletes highlighted history entry
newCalculator: ctrl+shift+d deletes all history
newCalculator: it is possible to move through equasion (left, right, home, end) and modify it
newCalculator: it's possible to move through history (arrows up and down)
newCalculator: possible to paste from clipboard (ctrl+v)
newCalculator: restore history entry - highlight the entry and press enter
newCalculator: supports power now (2^3 = 8)
newFileManager: abort copying when there isn't enough space to copy the contents
newFileManager: added thread support for deleting
newFileManager: ctrl+shift+c copies element name
newFileManager: ctrl+shift+t duplicates current tab
newFileManager: ctrl+space - gets size info, file count, dir count, regarding element (except drives)
newFileManager: ctrl+u opens command prompt in current directory
newLauncher: deleted links are being deleted also from the disk
newLauncher: deleting links (delete)
newLauncher: rebuilding keeps renamed links and adds those that we didn't have
newLauncher: remembers prefered program to run
newLauncher: renamed links are being renamed also on the disk
newLauncher: renaming (ctrl+r)
newLauncher: the programs list is now cached and rebuilded on demand (F5)
newLinks: links are sorted now
newProto: element list arrows recreated
newProto: lazy loading of module settings
newProto: modules can now force only once instance; applied to Links and Launcher
newProto: report bug window on crash
newProto: settings for each module are now being saved
changeCalculator: it's now possible to have more than one calculator tab opened
changeFileManager: shorten the info after successfull rename
changeLauncher: indexing links from menu start (all users + current) and desktop
changeProto: change font of the message infos and removed the hiding of messages
changeProto: main window has been widen to 900px
changeProto: rewritten everything to support plugins, shortuts, setting and themes
fixCalculator: crash when expression could not be evaluated and the user pressed enter
fixCalculator: support negative numbers
fixFileManager: crashed when user has no permission to view the directory
fixFileManager: element removed on deleting error
fixFileManager: recreated copying
fixFileManager: select file after it was renamed
fixFileViwe: crash on renaming file when it is in use
fixLinks: clean command prompt after launching a link
fixProto: better column offset calculation
fixProto: crashes when number of elements modulo 8 equaled 0
fixProto: fixed selecting in ElementList

ver. 0.3

newCalculator: based on google - type: "g expression" and hit enter
newCalculator: calculator view keeps history
newCalculator: ctrl+c copies to clipboard the result
newCalculator: ctrl+shift+c copies to clipboard the whole equation
newCalculator: normal type: "expression"
newFileManager: after creation of the directory, the folder content is recalculated
newFileManager: created directory is highlighted after creation
newFileManager: deleting is to recyle bin by default
newFileManager: filtered out invalid chars for file/folder name
newFileManager: item size info (ctrl+space)
newFileManager: messages for renaming on error and success
newFileManager: messages on failure/success when creating directory
newFileManager: open in explorer selects the file/folder selected in Proto (ctrl+enter)
newFileManager: when adding link - asking for link name
newLauncher: alt+space (based on exe files found in 'Program Files' folder)
newLauncher: open file with (ctrl+enter), opens program and passes as parameter text that is in clipboard
newLinks: links remastered
newProto now centers to screen everytime is being brought on top
newProto tries to save all configuration on close (even when one fails)
newProto: Proto icon in task manager is now proper (alt+tab)
newProto: added Proto tray icon
newProto: advanced prompt - moving through characters, backspace, delete, paste, home, end
newProto: blinking dash in prompt
newProto: click on tray icon to show/hide proto
newProto: logo has been created
changeFileManager: after renaming file the folder is updated and renamed element is selected
changeFileManager: brutal deleting shortcut: shift+del
changeFileManager: deleting removes the deleted element and moves one element higher; if first then tries to move down
changeFileManager: refreshing the folder (F5), will keep the filter and selected file
changeLinks: links tab is now persistent - ie. we can navigate to it and from it
changeLinks: links.xml file format changed
changeLinks: open links view (alt+1)
changeProto window is now always on top
changeProto: chaged the behaviour of toggling visibility - when Proto loses focus, pressing win+` won't focus it anymore, but hide instead
changeProto: command line font changed to consolas
changeProto: displays now 8 items in a row
changeProto: increased time of message being displayed to 15 seconds
changeProto: message information display
changeProto: moving through elements is now in cycle
changeProto: program icon has been created
changeProto: prompt caret changed from '|' to '_'
changeProto: prompt font changed to consolas
fixFileManager: file operations on folders
fixProto: command line drawing problem (in 90% cases)

ver. 0.2.5

newProtoList columns moving
newconfigurable shortcuts
newgoing back selects folder in which we were (ctrl+backspace)
newnew tab navigation shortcuts: ctrl + left arrow, ctrl+right arrow
newquit shortcut: ctrl+q
changenew skin - zune style
fixProtoList display bug

ver. 0.2

newadded creation of a directory: ctrl+n
newadded prompt functionality
newadded renaming files and dirs: ctrl+r
newblack shadow on selected element
newopacity added
newthread support for coping/moving
changechanged behaviour of OpenFolderInExplorer (ctrl+enter) to open folder in which we are, not the highlighted one
changechanged the show/hide shortcut from win+x to win+`
changecode refactored for more extensibility
changeturned off drawing of '_' until bug with string fickering is resolved
fix100% cpu usage
fixcrash when no action bound to filetype
fixdirectories not being copied
fixdirectories not being moved