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Changelog — 90.6%

[...] Skrzypczyk new FileManager: when compressing (alt+e) press up/down arrow to change compression format new Launcher: option to disable the global key for Launcher (alt+space) new Launcher: slower but more precise rebuilding new Proto: Proto will complete missing options in settings files new Proto: animation when opening/closing prompts new Proto: new themes - 'Console' and 'DoYourThing' new Proto: shift+end/home will select items new Search: uses coloring from FileManager, toggle coloring with ctrl+i change [...]

FileManagment — 3.8%

[...] directory in Windows Explorer shift+Enter Opens highlighted directory in new tab ctrl+Enter, Tab Opens Launcher to select a program to pass highlighted element as parameter ctrl+C Copy highlighted/selected elements full path to clipboard alt+C Adds highlighted/selected elements full path to clipboard (separated by newline) ctrl+shift+C Copies highlighted/selected elements name alt+shift+C Adds highlighted/selected elements name to clipboard (separated by newline) ctrl+alt+C Copies highlighted/selected elements content to clipboard Copying image files copies [...]

Main Page — 1.9%

[...] Themes Plugins File Managment Ask Ling Calculator Calendar Disk Chart FileSearch Ftp Hint Launcher Links Network Mastah Process Manager ProtoLog [...]

Go to 'hosts' file in Windows — 1.9%

[...] directory should be highlighted) Press ctrl+H Version 2 Press alt+space (this will open Application Launcher) Type in 'notepad' Press enter ('Notepad' [...]

Features — 1.9%

List of Proto features free for any use fast file managment plugin architecture application launcher tabs session protection favourites instant [...]

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